Liza Melina Meza Flores Profile Page
Liza Melina Meza Flores
Age: .
Home Country: Perú
CV: Check Here
IMRD Batch: 2006
Locations: Berlin; Nitra; Wageningen
Research Interests: self-development of indigenous communities and informal institutions
Thesis Topic: The role of services and informal institutions for development
Former Studies: Environmental engineer
Current Position: Environmental Specialist at Fondo de las Américas - Perú (FONDAM)

Experience: Junior Expert on Organizational Strenghtening at GTZ-Peru
Research on Development issues in Peru, Serbia, Indonesia and Guatemala.
Scientific Assistant on Project Formulation at Humboldt University of Berlin
Student Researcher in Soil Management at La Molina University - Perú
Mother Tongue: spanish
Other Languages: fluent in english, fluent (take some time to re-activate the chip, though) in italian and intermediate in german
Nondh Nuchmorn
Christoph Nolte
Felix Gossrau
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