Elias Rebai Profile Page
Elias Rebai
Age: 24
Home Country: Tunisia & Belgium
IMRD Batch: 2007
Locations: Ghent; Berlin
Contact Info
Phone: (+49)157.76927224
Mobile: (+32)498.621657
Research Interests: Poverty, Food security, Marginal lands & of course Sustainability
Thesis Topic: China something interesting???
Former Studies: Agronomy
Experience: Nothing professional, three months in Benin for thesis around use an economy of Baobab (Adansonia digita L.)
Mother Tongue: Dutch & French
Other Languages: English, a bit of german and arabic and plans for some chinese and spanish
Social Skills: Patient (sometimes), Talkative (sometimes), Friendly (sometimes), Openminded (sometimes)
Organisational Skills: Total chaos! 'Just in time' programmed!
Technical Skills: A strong will to succeed (when interested)... ready to learn.
ICT Skills: Basics
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