Dragan Brkovic Profile Page
Dragan Brkovic
Age: 22
Home Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
IMRD Batch: 2010
Locations: Ghent; Nitra; Wageningen
Contact Info
Mobile: +38765575985
Skype: brkovic_d
Research Interests: Rural development strategies
Former Studies: Bachelor of Agricultural economy and Rural development
Current Position: Student, looking for getting involved in different rural development and environmental projects
Experience: Member of team for developing strategy of rural development in Republic of Srpska (entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina), working on 23 different international projects in different topics - mostly environment, working as accountant and tax adviser for 2 years, also as project coordinator in youth organization. Founder of youth organization.
Mother Tongue: Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin)
Other Languages: English, Macedonian
Social Skills: Very talkative
Organisational Skills: Through youth work have been included in all roles, from volunteer, support staff, youth leader, trainer, up to organizer of different type of projects
ICT Skills: MS Office packet, Internet, basic programing in Pascal and C++
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