Adi Estela Lazos Ruíz Profile Page
Adi Estela Lazos Ruíz
Age: 30
Home Country: México
CV: Download here
IMRD Batch: 2005
Locations: Berlin; Córdoba; Nitra; Pisa
Contact Info
Skype: adichuela
Research Interests: Rural development in areas with great biodiversity, sustainable development - relationships between people and nature
Thesis Topic: Biosphere Reserves: contribution to sustainable local development? The Case of Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve
Former Studies: BSc. Agricultural Engineering (Hons)
Current Position: PhD Student. Biodiversity: Conservation and Management of Species and their Habitats. CIBIO. University of Alicante
Experience: Biotechnology, Seed production, National Parks, Competitiveness consultancy
Mother Tongue: Spanish
Other Languages: English, Italian, Basic German
Technical Skills: Flamenco, Rock climbing
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