elections or no elections?
Wednesday, 11 March 2009
Hello Dear IMRDans!

You can see the Profiles and CVs of the 2 candidates: Mr. Yazdan Soltanpour and Mr. Thaneswar Bhandari here in the IMRD-A website. The CVs and profiles are uploaded and available for all :)

However, with only 2 candidacies, we can't have the elections anymore. After several meetings of the active members, the agreement was that there's no sense on holding elections with 2 people for 5 positions. Personal invitations have been sent to some IMRDans so we are waiting for at least 3 people to reply so we can can a complete new board! Otherwise, there will be a rearrangement in team positions to conform the new board in the following days.

All the best!

IMRD-A Active members

Note: If you are still interested but missed the deadline, send your application ASAP!
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