Rural Development Resources
  Web Link
  Link   ID21 - Communicating Development Research
  Link   The Directory of Development Organizations
  Link   Global Development Network
  Link   AGRIS Information Centre
Literature and research in the field of agriculture (by FAO)
  Link   MethodFinder
so many methods useful in development cooperation...
  Link   Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
information on current discourses, background material and library on rural development issues
  Link   Microfinance Gateway
A comprehensive online resource for the global microfinance community - includes research and publications, featured articles, organization and consultant profiles, and the latest news, events, and job opportunities
  Link   Sustainable Development
State-of-the-art bibliography for sustainable development issues, ordered by topics.
  Link   Documents on rural development LEADER II
Some examples: Global, Economic, Social, Environmental competitiveness in rural areas; Rural tourism,etc
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